The perfect upgrade for
 Selenium IDE users

Selenium IDE has stopped working on Firefox browsers. Fortunately there's a great alternative for Selenium IDE users.

World's leading SAAS companies use Usetrace to test and deploy rock-solid software in accelerating speed every day.


You set the pace. 
We make sure you keep it.

Integrated testing toolkit

Avoid overlapping work with
our integrated regression testing, load testing and monitoring tools.

A visual, cloud-based testing platform that saves time and effort

Usetrace offers a visual cloud-based testing platform that is perfect for developers used to the code-free simplicity of Selenium IDE. Our simple, codeless and reusable modules help save time and effort, because you don't need to repeat the same user paths over and over again.

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What makes Usetrace great?

Easy but powerful

Create test cases with a visual editor and extend it with Javascript if needed.

Cloud based

Collaborate and scale your testing setup when needed.

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If you decide to continue after the trial period you will have the opportunity to use our limited time offer (99$/month).

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